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Cloud PBX Adoption Rate

Although the Cloud PBX is two decades old, many businesses are slow to adopt this revolutionary technology. To be sure, the adoption rate is decent but I believe many in the industry wish it were much higher. This technology combined with the unified communications functionality and Voice over IP lines adds an extraordinary amount of voice service cost savings and an even greater amount of employee productivity gains. If the right Cloud PBX/UC solution is adopted, the business has no upfront capital cost, they save money on their phone bill, they get video, voice, chat, SMS, conference, sharing, collaboration, and more in one unified softphone application, along with the multitude of amazing features such as employee directory and presence information.

Why is adoption not where the industry wants it?

The industry may not be packaging the information in a way understandable to the average end-user. The message is also not being delivered. It seems that the early adopters are coming from the active end-users looking for better solutions. If the less active end-users are going to be reached, we need to be more proactive in reaching out. We may also need to use some mass marketing methods that use clearly understandable terminology. We need to update terminology and tech lingo and explain the service and features more simply.

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