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If you are an industry, such as hospitality, where you may be more comfortable with an on-premise phone system, we can help you with that. We offer world-class on-premise phone systems that will take your company’s communications to the next level.

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The success of any business, large or small, depends on the effectiveness of its communications. But as today’s SMB teams become more virtual, and employees become more mobile, staying connected to colleagues, customers and partners is becoming a major challenge.

Employees are overwhelmed by the vast array of communications options open to them (from phone and email, to fax, instant messaging, and, of course social media).


It’s a cause of frustration, and can have a major impact on team performance, productivity and customer service.


Costs of communications


As communication options proliferate and teams become ever more virtual, travel expenses are on the rise and the cost of keeping employees connected to one another, and to customers, is increasing.


Today’s businesses must maintain effective communications with an increasing number of mobile workers. They must be able to offer their homeworkers the same tools and features they can access in the office, and they must now carry the costs of managing and securing new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.


Added to this, audio and video conferencing costs are on the rise as remote staff and virtual teams seek to collaborate more efficiently. And, of course, integration of all these devices and technologies into the network is adding greater complexity and more expense.


Delivering customer service


At the same time, customers are becoming more demanding. They want to engage with businesses on their own terms, whether that’s over a social network, a live web chat or over the phone. How effectively firms can deliver these options, and how quickly they can react to inquiries, is often the difference between retaining and losing customers.


Unified Communications (UC) offers a solution to these challenges.


A Unified Response UC takes all the ways your people communicate - email, phone, fax, instant messaging, video conferencing, web collaboration and more - and integrates them into a single place. There’s no need to switch between screens, programs, contact lists, email accounts and all the other things that can slow down even the simplest communications.


Improve your business performance


Boosting employee productivity and getting more done, by: enabling access to powerful communications applications, from one click conferencing to social collaboration tools, in the office, on the road or at home. Delivering independent mobility and collaboration from anywhere, by: facilitating effective and secure communication between multiple sites and remote workers regardless of device, location or network. Maximizing limited budgets and reducing high operational costs, by: offering the flexibility of an on-premise or virtualized service that’s deployed on top of existing infrastructure, doesn’t require additional hardware and can easily scale from voice to UC, via a smart deployment model. Its UC features reduce travel expenses and eliminate third party conferencing costs.


A Unique SMB Solution

• Delivering extended voice and UC functionality in one box than any other vendor

• Flexible deployment models for any kind of infrastructure, appliance

• or pure SW based, – available as on-premise, hosted, cloud based or combined solution

• Permanent (CAPEX) or subscription based (OPEX) usage models give customers full flexibility to adjust communication needs

• Superior ownership experience with no rip and replace required when deploying UC functionality or scaling to support more users

• Enterprise-quality, cost saving Voice over IP (VoIP) on existing networks

• The easiest and most affordable path from voice to Unified Communications

• UC available on major mobile platforms; supporting Android, iOS, Windows and even more mobile operating systems

• Seamless, simple support through webbased management tools


If you would like a quote on solutions such as Unify Openscape for Business, please contact us today.

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